Snow Queen

Received my angell-studio Hilda outfit yesterday and then it snowed over night!!  The full body photos looked awful, so here are a couple of good closeups:

hilda4 hilda7


Dreamhigh Studio Ello’s Box Opening

A new arrival!! My spending addiction has resulted in a very unique purchase: a limited edition (1 of 25) resin Dreamhigh studio micro ball jointed doll. It is 10cm high! That is 3.93 inches to us Americans using the much less efficient inches/foot system of measurement.

Her cuteness is seriously lethal! I just want to sit and watch her and will her little body to come to life and be my tiny elf friend forever sitting on my shoulder whispering strange advice and giving me daily limericks.

IMG_1164 IMG_1163

Eat your heart out, things that think you are cuter than this tiny piece of adorable!



My Delilah Noir in her new outfit

Here is my lovely Delilah Noir “Lady Onyx” doll in her new outfit. This is an outfit made for Wilde Imagination’s new line of Steampunk Dolls called Imperium Park. The outfit was from Theodora. Though, it appears these dolls are sold out completely and the site is no longer up. I’m wishing maybe I had kept the doll. (I sold her) it seems like perhaps she might be worth something if the line is discontinued and people really liked her. I wasn’t crazy about her painted eyes rather than inset. I love Delilah’s customizeable features. Here I have given her a red/pink pupil glass eye. The hat is from Dollheart’s 7 dwarfs outfits. I’ve found she fits Dollheart’s MSD clothes quite well for those of you out there with Delilah dolls!! She has a new wig too and I will be uploading those shortly!